Saturday, 30 June 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge -- Makeup Colours Edition

Another jump on Yumeko's bandwagon. Because it's fun :D

1. Black
Apart from the expected mascara (Lancôme Hypnôse Drama WP) and liners (Geisha Ink and KATE Super sharp), I actually don't have much black in my collection -- Addiction Pink Python is as close as I tend to get, a blackened green with lime, pink and icy blue sparkles.
This trip I added: Shiseido Shimmering Eye Colour BK912 Caviar, a creamy black with glistening silver shimmer; the complex orange microshimmer-infused soot from the OR302 Fire trio; and Addiction Vamp lipstick, which is more black than red, brown or purple (other Abe Lincoln vamp hunters will know how rare that is). also note to self: moisturise hands AFTER meme next time.
OPI polishes: big bottle is Lincoln Park After Dark, my go-to vampy that goes everywhere with me; mini is Obscurity, a matte black for stamping, French tips or 1920s half moon stuff.

2. Brown
This one really is tricky, bad Yumeko, Y U no choose green? Rouge Bunny Rouge Bohemian Waxwing eyeshadow refill and Burberry Earthy blush and Midnight Brown eyeshadow are all recent acquisitions you've seen. Marcelle Cream Eyeshadow + Liner in Taupe du Jour and BCL Browlash EX eyebrow pen/powder in Natural Brown are even more recent ones you haven't. The only brown I brought with me was the reddened shade from Suqqu's EX-07 Lilac Allure quad.

3. White
Hakuhodo Pointed Yachiyo family: Large, Medium 'n' Small (M&S are freshly washed and still in need need of grooming)
Polish: Deborah Lippmann Amazing Grace, a thick white gel-cream.
Powders: matte white base from Suqqu 02 Kokedama; Shiseido High Beam White highlighter.
Pencils: the white from Shu Uemura Energy Flow, GOSH White kohl for that 90s waterline look, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk (because a kind friend took pity on my mud-scrabbliness and sent it to me to try.)
de(Pot): MAC Face&Body foundation White.

4. Orange (the Colour of the Year)
Because I can't see a bandwagon without jumping on it....
Eyes: Shu Uemura G 251 and the orange crayon from Energy Flow this time, Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire-Tailed Sunbird, the burnt terracotta from Shisedo Fire.
Cheeks: Illamasqua Lover, for the perfect peaches and cream flush.
Lips: YSL Glossy Stain #9, a fiery orange-red; Hourglass Muse, juiciest orange-coral; Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L307, clear cantaloupe.
Oddities: Hakuhodo Misako Portable lip brush, with their trademark vermilion handles, and BurnOut Ocean Tested sunscreen, my latest discovery.

5. Red (the most popular colour in your collection)
Pots: Majolica Majorca Blood On lip&cheek tint (came in yesterday's surprise parcel, thank you dear S!) and Estee Lauder DoubleWear Cream Eyeshadow Vintage Violet -- really a deep glowing burgundy.
Pan: Laduree Pressed Cheek Colour #11.
Tube: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss Follow.
Pens: Addiction Lady of the Lake pencil, Kryolan Skinliner 31.
Sticks: Burberry Hibiscus (deep pinked red); Addiction Monroe Walk (bright slightly cool red) and Revenge cheek stick (pink-coral red).
Bottle: OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry, supremely flattering for me, a slightly deeper than bright, and slightly cooler than true crimson.


  1. fun project...I love Burberry Earthy blush

    1. I remember your review of that from way back :)

  2. That's a fun project, and I really like Shiseido Fire appears everywhere! :D

  3. Doing this I would have an insane collection of bronze and gold shadows, warm earthy shades in general and not much of the rest :( I love the orange pic!

  4. Looking forward to seeing more of the new pretties :) That Majolica Majorca Blood On looks like the sort of product I always WANT but never USE. (I think if I totally fix my skin, THEN I will embrace red for real.)

    Could I formally request that you show us the orange-red YSL Glossy Stain on your lips?

    Also, curious about the Hakuhodo Pointed Yachiyos - I have the medium one and love it. Do you have any thoughts on which ones are best for what tasks?

    1. I was being so virtuous sitting on that Blood On lemming... then a friend came along and ruined it all :)

      Stay tuned :)

      Yachiyos -- the S and M (heh) are newer to me, but I am finding the S a wonderful contour brush. The L I use for diffuse blush, not quite sure if I can justify keeping both that and the M right now.

  5. hahaha u are right, i didnt even think abt green XD
    i'll have to include that next time D
    loving ur hakuhodo brushes!

    1. *spanks* kidding, thanks for coming up with these, so much fun <3

  6. Love these color collages! You have Monroe Walk?? Canihaveaswatchplease? Actually, maybe a Monroe-inspired look, just cuz it's never been done before?

    1. Soon I hope! Lighting is TERRIBLE and I scrapped three rounds of pics already D:

  7. @ Jacqueline: me too! the Estee Lauder DoubleWear Cream Eyeshadow Vintage Violet is BEAUTIFUL. All the colour selection is great in fact.

    Dear Driveller, is the eyeshadow really long-wearing? Thanks!

    1. Trona, I would call it apocalypse proof. I have to use the RBR eye gloss as a primer for my dry lids in fact -- I know some very oily ladies who love the Estee Lauder cream shadows.

    2. thanks! I have oily lids so sounds great, I'll give it a wee go.

  8. Can I request a FOTD using Addiction Vamp?
    much love, Karima :)

  9. I love that Misako Portable lip brush. I think this is the one I'll go for because it's so gorgeous looking and so...sassy as well in color. Planning a Haku order and will def. be adding that and the LPY.

    Oh and what a lovely project with all the yumminess. You haz fab taste in EVERYTHING. D:

    1. I can't wait for you to be reunited with le stash and gettin' all collage-y!